Sunday, November 29, 2009

At long last...

Whoooo boy! Have I got a pile of poor quality amateur animation for you! Projects at school have been getting bigger, better, longer and uncut. They are taking more time and energy and making me feel tired all the time. It's a pleasant exhaustion however. One mixed with the satisfaction brought through completion of assignments. I really haven't been getting out much so my only real news is my completed assignments. Here are four for your viewing pleasure:

The flame with real smoking action! -
This was the first experiment in our new effects animation class. We were supposed to create a flame and then blow it out and have it continue to smoke for a bit. I tried to be clever when I shot it by mixing drawings up but it just turned out looking glitchy. Next time it will be better. I promise. Mother Nature deserves more.

Water drop with super-bonus ripple action! -
This was the second experiment in effects. Water is not easy to animate well. However, it only takes a week and a half to squeeze in enough time to animate it poorly. Observe:

Head rotation with spinning action! -

This was an attempt to rotate a head 360 degrees in order to illustrate the challenges of maintaining correct positioning, sizes and volumes of the facial elements. I had one of the simplest head designs in the class and I still managed to get lost. I'm actually quite proud of these 16 drawings despite the amount of help I received from the instructors.

The take with super crazy bug-out-eye, tongue-wiggle, body-jolt action! -
This was our try at the classic cartoon take. Cartoon sees something, freaks out in a big way and takes off. Sounds simple, but as in all things animated, it isn't. I received a fair amount of help on this after my vain attempts yeilded nothing but a freaky hippy cartoon floating in space. It has a few pops in it where I should have smoothed out the transitions but it's still fun. Enjoy!


  1. That candle looks like it just saw a sexy cheeseburger.
    You've got me fooled with the water aka super-bonus ripple action... 9 days for 6 seconds; that's patience.

    (Words of encouragement)!

  2. These are great Pete! Subarashi! Keep it up!